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    steel grating

    • Species:Stainless steel
    • Characteristic:Light weight, high strength, large load capacity, economy, ventilation, light, modern style, skid proof safety, easy to clean, easy to install, and durable.
    • Scope of application:Power plants, chemical plants, refineries, steel mills, paper mills, machinery plants, cement plants, municipal works, sewage treatment, pharmaceutical industry, food processing, etc.
    1. Detailed information

    Steel sheet features:

    Light weight,high strength,great load-bearing capacity,being economical of materials, ventilation and lightadmission,modern fashion and non-slip and safe, easy cleaning and installation,being sturdy and durable,etc.

    Widely used in:

    Electric power plants,chemical plants, oil refinery,iron and steel works,paper mill, machine building factories,cement mills,municipal engineering,sewage treatment,medicine plants and foodstuff factories.

    Structure of Stainless steel:

    CHANGYONG forge-welded gratings are made by high-power electric resistance welding machine. Steel gratings are constructed of bearing bars in longitudinal direction and cross bars in transverse direction. The cross bars which lined up in certain spacing are pressed into the upper edges of bearing bars standing up side by side; The machine electro-forges them into grating panel with strong welds and rectangular openings surface.

    According to the upper edges of bearing bars,CHANGYONG gratings can be classified into three types,namely,plain style,serrated type,and i type.Plain type steel gratings are most commonly used;With perfect anti-skid performance,serrated type steel gratings are mainly used for operate platform with oil pollution and walkway with slope.Featured by material saving under the same load,attractive,and high price,itype steel gratings are mainly used for export contracts.

    On the basis of the sizes and pitches of bearing bars and the pitches of cross bars, CHANGYONG steel gratings can form more than 300 varieties,may be made surface-protective treatment in light of different using environments.


    Specifications & Marks:

    Type of steel grating:

    W-pressure welded grating;L-pressure locked grating;C-socket welding grating.

    Pitch of bearing bars ranges form 15-30,40,60,80,90mm ect.suggest 30,40mm.

    Pitch of cross bars ranges foem 30,38,50,76,100mm ect.suggest 50,100mm.

    Sign of the shape of bearing bar:

    F-plan surface (F is usually can be omitted)

    S-serrated surface;I-the section is of "i"type

    Surface treatment:

    G-hot dip galvanized(it is usually,can be omitted);



    Manufacturing Technology of Steel Grating