Good news: on May 1, the contribution rate of basic endowment insurance will be reduced

2019-04-07 14:52:57 Changyong Metal products Co., Ltd. Read

Beijing, April 4 (xinhua) -- the general office of the state council, China's cabinet, has issued a comprehensive plan to lower the social insurance premium rate, which will reduce the contribution rate for basic old-age insurance for urban workers to 16 percent from May 1, 2019.At the same time, continue to reduce unemployment insurance and injury insurance rates.From May 1, 2019, provinces implementing 1% of the total unemployment insurance rate will extend the period for reducing unemployment insurance rate in stages to April 30, 2020.From May 1, 2019, the period for extending the periodic reduction of workers' compensation insurance premium rate will be extended to April 30, 2020.

The plan proposes to adjust the social security payment base policy.Each province should be with this province town is not average salary of personnel of private sector unit obtain employment and average salary of personnel of personnel of town private sector unit obtain employment is weighted the average salary of personnel of full caliber town unit obtain employment of computation, base of capture of pay of individual of check and ratify social security expends on lower limit, reasonable reduce the social security capture of personnel of partial ginseng protect and enterprise expends base.Individual industrial and commercial door and personnel of flexible obtain employment attend company worker to be sure of primary endowment, can choose proper capture to expend base voluntarily inside certain limits.