Spot steel prices rose after the steel market quotation slightly chaotic

2019-03-07 13:52:14 Changyong Metal products Co., Ltd. Read

Compared with yesterday, today's futures disk volatility is more intense, many times downward, pull up the market, but ultimately failed, the end of the accelerated decline, the end of the decline.Affected by this, the spot price is also the first to rise and then fall, the market quotation slightly chaotic, the situation of mixed again.

Today's news is not pessimistic, environmental protection again.Tangshan city government in posted on March 6, to extend the heavy pollution weather Ⅰ level emergency response, steel mills to suspend part of sintering machine and equipment, lifting limit time prior notice.Handan area steel mill implementation stop limit production task, wuan area environmental protection supervision group has entered the factory, tangshan fengrun main urban area billet factory shut down and other information refresh.

Meanwhile, the jiangsu provincial department of ecological environment issued the jiangsu provincial severe pollution weather emergency plan. It is expected that the air quality of 8 cities along the Yangtze river will reach moderate to severe pollution by the afternoon of March 6, meeting the yellow warning conditions of the jiangsu provincial severe pollution weather emergency plan.Nanjing, wuxi, changzhou, suzhou, nantong, yangzhou, zhenjiang and taizhou started the yellow weather warning for heavy pollution at 18:00 on March 5.As of press time, some steel mills said they had received the notice of production limit, which mainly affected the sintering equipment.

In 2019, the average annual concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in substandard cities across the country will drop by 2% year-on-year, and the average number of fine days in cities at or above the prefectural level will reach 79.4%.Total national emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) were cut by 3% year-on-year.In combination with the second survey of pollution sources, we will guide cities in the Yangtze river delta region and the fen-wei plain to compile a list of air pollution sources for 2018, and encourage cities in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and surrounding areas to update their emission lists.

Even so, the market did not reverse the weak performance after several flips, the futures market is the total annihilation, the end of the diving.

What is affecting the market?What doesn't change is the market. What changes is the mood.

Current market sentiment surface has a little change from the early cautious optimism to cautious and wait - and - see.The market is waiting for new inventory data, and is looking at steel output and the release of terminal demand in the later period.

From the point of view of the transaction, in the first few days after the release of demand, into a flat period.Close two days clinch a deal appear apparent abate, the north gives do not move goods, the south suffers rain-water weather to affect to also have reduce a quantity, especially high price clinch a deal encounter resistance.According to the weather forecast, rain and snow in most areas in the future, transactions and transport will still be affected.

In addition, the spot price and shipment by the impact of the futures disk larger, steel traders price sales, speed up the shipment.In addition, the price of direct delivery is higher than the spot price in some regions, and the market has to wait and see whether the destocking speed and demand can be fulfilled, so the power of continuous rise is slightly insufficient.

However, the market's response to the bland policies of the two sessions and the large amount of tax cuts and profits are still in the stress, the emotions are still not fully vent, there is a short-term demand for adjustment.From today's disk, and yesterday's crazy short flight to reduce the warehouse downward different, all varieties today for a small increase in the warehouse downward, but the overall empty single higher than the single.And the capital, especially to do the base of the enterprise reaction is sensitive, in March to move positions in the month that wash the risk of the corresponding existence.

However, it is not necessary to be too pessimistic. It is not expected that there is much room for adjustment. It is not entirely a bad thing to go down.At this time, it is suggested to wait and see, in the case that the demand is not falsified, there is no turning to say, waiting for the release of new inventory data, which will positively reflect the situation of supply and demand.At the same time, pay attention to the steel output, the actual implementation of production limits and the release of demand schedule.Medium - and long-term, market volatility upside opportunities still exist.

Prices, according to the monitoring data shows that, today, the domestic major cities Ф 25 mm tertiary rebar average price of 3970 yuan (tons of price, similarly hereinafter), relatively yesterday 10 yuan.Domestic major cities Ф 6.5 mm line average price is 4216 yuan, from yesterday 4 yuan.The average price of 5.5mm hot rolled coil in key domestic cities was 3,866 yuan, down 12 yuan from yesterday.The average price of 1.0mm cold plate in domestic key central cities is 4381 yuan, 19 yuan higher than yesterday;Domestic key cities 20mm plate average price 3962 yuan, compared with yesterday fell 11 yuan.

Raw materials, today, tangshan area changli 150*150 pu carbon square billet 3500 yuan, than yesterday flat;The price of 61.5% Australian PB iron ore powder in jingtanggang was 632 yuan, 3 yuan lower than yesterday.Tangshan quasi - level metallurgical coke tax to the factory price of 2150 yuan, unchanged from yesterday.