Li Keqiang: We need to unswervingly push forward to eliminate "strip steel" and eliminate excess capacity so as to prevent a resurgence

2018-06-30 18:37:25 Changyong Metal products Co., Ltd. Read

Recently, in response to the fourth inspection of the State Council by the State Council, it was found that there were still problems with the production of "strip steel" by enterprises in some places. The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions and emphasized that the supervision work must focus on the key issues. Continue to unremitting grasp. We should unswervingly push ahead to ban "strip steel" and eliminate excess production capacity so as to prevent a resurgence. We must resolutely punish the top criminals in accordance with the law, and we must be seriously accountable for the lack of supervision. We must ensure that we prohibit it.
The CPC Central Committee and the State Council have firmly cracked down on the illegal production of "strip steel" and demanded that it be completely banned by June 30 this year.

However, during the fourth major inspection, the State Council's first inspection team raided in Tianjin on the basis of reports from the masses and found that two companies were still illegally producing "strip steel"; When the 12th supervision team of the State Council conducted on-site inspections of enterprises that had dismantled the "strip steel" equipment in Hunan, it was found that one company had moved three "strip steel" production equipment back to its original location in an attempt to resume production.
After the inspection team informed the local government, Tianjin and Hunan provinces attached great importance to immediate rectification. Tianjin will immediately carry out special concentrated rectification work according to the "four thorough" requirements; Hunan province initiated joint investigation at the provincial, municipal and county levels, immediately dismantled and cut the production equipment of "strip steel", and carried out a comprehensive survey in the province. At the same time, the two places have launched an accountability mechanism to investigate and punish the relevant districts, counties, departments and enterprises that still produce "strip steel" in violation of the rules and regulations.