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Our products are highly praised by customers in China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom and other countries and regions. Strong technical force of the company, with advanced professional CAD design system, dedicated to provide users with optimal perfect design. The company implements the Chinese YB/T 4001-1998 "Steel Grid" standard, and can also be produced according to the US ANSI/NAAMM(MB G531-88), British BS 4592-1987, and Australian AS1657-1992 standards.

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aluminium grating

Aluminum grid is a new type of structural material, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, light weight advantages, has a wide range of roles in the oil, chemical, metallurgical, aviation, municipal, building, decoration and other industries.

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steel grating

Steel grid features: light weight, high strength, large carrying capacity, economical materials, ventilation, modern style, Anti-Slip safety, easy cleaning, easy to install, durable and widely used in: power plants, chemical plants, refineries, steel mills, paper mills, machinery factories, cement factories, Municipal engineering, sewage treatment, medical

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steel ladder&steel handrail

Our company produces steel ladders with protective railings composed of steel grid stepping plates. We can weld the steel ladder beams and the tread plates as a whole and then galvanize them. This overcomes the shortcomings of the galvanizing layer when the step beams and the tread plates are separately galvanized and welded. After galvanizing, the steel ladder does not deform. Steel-panel steppers based on the connection between front guard and ladder beams

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drainage trench cover

Beautiful appearance: simple lines, silver appearance, modern trend best drainage: leakage area of 83.3 %, more than twice the iron. Hot dip zinc plating: strong rust resistance, no maintenance and replacement. Anti-theft design: cover and frame with hinge connection, put, safe, easy to open. Savings: long span, heavy load, specific casting

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aluminium handrail

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